Telematic device

Vodafone Automotive electronic devices, developed following the technical requirements of OEMs, have been  endorsed by major vehicle manufacturers who have certified the quality of the products by granting the original accessories warranty.
Telematics devices are highly sophisticated to ensure:

  • The highest quality and reliability standards
  • The lowest possible consumption levels – when the vehicle is on the move as well as stationary, so as to guarantee that the battery consumption level will remain very low also when the vehicle is not used for a long period of time;
  • The perfect integration with the vehicle electronics.
  • The installation is taken care of by a network of professional fitters who follow the activation procedure under Vodafone Automotive’s close supervision. 

    The design and development of the product platforms is managed by a dedicated multisite team, using an in-house laboratory equipped with test instruments and simulators, in order to comply and exceed the most severe automotive standards.

    All Vodafone Automotive solutions are certified complying with the European regulations, i.e. the Council Directives 95/547EC, 95/56/EC and 97/247EC by the European Union, and most of them comply with free regulations issued by the main certifying bodies that work together with insurance companies in Europe, Russia, Brazil and South Africa.

    Vodafone Automotive (formerly Cobra) was the first Italian company in the sector to obtain the ISO 9001 certification in 1994. In 2003, it obtained the ISO TS 16949 dedicated to the automotive segment. The certification ISO 14001 underlines the company’s perseverance in pursuing the principles of sustainable development.