Telecom platform

Vodafone Automotive uses Vodafone's Global Data Service Platform M2M connectivity solution for its big volume applications, because of the roaming coverage and reliability it offers, as well as a high level of autonomous management . This enables Vodafone Automotive to offer its business customers higher operational efficiency and competitive traffic costs. Global Data Service Platform has great features for the telematic provider who intends to be present on the market with the best credentials

  • Global SIM – world's largest mobile network for usage in domestic markets and abroad at excellent conditions in any of Vodafone’s or Vodafone’s M2M roaming partner networks with a reliable roaming behaviour
  • Web portal – web portal access to autonomously manage connectivity activities, such as the possibility to centrally activate, suspend or deactivate the units
  • Specific automotive ready to use application – reduced complexity of installation, distribution and deployment
  • Performance “near real time” – key factor for emergency applications
  • Industrial applicability  – designed to be fully integrated in manufacturing and distribution processes
  • Easy to launch new services – dedicated testing environment for the launch of new services
  • Central Events Recording – used for alerting, reporting, mediation and billing