Strategic technology partnerships
IBM – The fast growing IT needs, the management and hosting of the IT environment has been the reasons that have led Vodafone Automotive to choose IBM Switzerland as reliable services and innovation partner. Active in this country since 1927 innovating and actively promoting the development of new technologies, IBM provides Vodafone Automotive with a Managed Infrastructure Solution based in Zurich answering the requirements of flexibility and reliability.
Navtek – Accuracy is essential when offering critical vehicle localisation services such as emergency and crash services.
Digital mapping process using GPS data projection and sophisticated mapping algorithms to match itinerary and road network require the smallest possible margin of error. Navtek is the most efficient and innovative operator, constantly redefining, updating, expanding and improving digital mapping.
Vodafone Automotive (formerly Cobra) has been integrating Navtek's leading maps into its solutions for over 8 years.
Oracle – The reliability of Oracle technology solutions has enabled Vodafone Automotive to keep critical issues to the very minimum and has enabled us to focus 100% on our core business activities.
Oracle, a long-time partner of Vodafone Automotive, has been a key actor in creating a robust and scalable platform for anti-theft as well as for trip data collection through telematics devices. The implementation of Oracle components for the management of data Disaster Recovery as well as for troubleshooting and reporting has reinforced our partnership with this operator further.
Vodafone – Vodafone Automotive​ is part of the Vodafone Group and uses Vodafone's telecommunications infrastructure. The solution that has been developed includes the usage of the so called Global SIM cards with a dedicated platform and enables the management of emergency services , leading to a significant improvement of the service quality.